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The original website was not providing users with a good experience which was costing the business in potential online sales and customers.

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Project Summary

Our client approached us with the task of redesigning their website to provide opportunities to convert customers to purchase and provide connectivity across social media platforms.


To redesign the website in a way that connects visitors to products convincing them to order and provide our client with optomized connectivity across social media.

My Roles:

Web Designer

Social Media Strategist

Duration: 6 Weeks

Week 1: Discover

Data Collection


Week 2: Develop

Prototype Design

Style Guide Development

Week 3: Launch

Soft Launch

Social Media Strategy

Tools Used:


Data Collection

We began the discovery process by conducting several audits to gather data and identify opportunities in the website and social media platforms so we can provide users with a cohesive experience when visiting on the internet.

The audits consisted of a UX audit, social media audit, and analytics audit.

  1. UX Audit was conducted to rate the usability of the website and find design flaws that may drive potential customers away and lose sales/faith in our client.
  2. A social media audit was conducted to help discover why “likes” were not converting to sales. We discovered funnels that lead visitors to dead ends thus causing a loss in faith in the business.
  3. Using Wix analytics we were able to pin point opportunities in the original website by looking at bounce rates, page visits, exit rates, and others.


With the data collected we were able to analyze and propose web design goals and social media strategies to help funnel customers to make an online purchase or guide them to the physical location to enjoy a home-cooked-meal.


Prototype Process

Using data we gathered we began our prototype process with a low-fidelity prototype to show the layout of the new website. We started with paper sketches and built up to the high-fidelity prototype to present to our client.

Low-Fidelity Prototype

We start on paper by sketching prototypes until we feel the design solves every problem we found during our discovery process. When we felt it achieved this we moved on to digitizing the prototype.

Low-Fi Prototype

High-Fidelity Prototype

Our high-fidelity prototype needed to capture a feel that is cohesive with the physical store. We made sure that our color palette matched the business brand. The font gave users a “home” feel, and images that made visitors’ mouths water and stomach growl! (We had a lot of fun building this high-fidelity prototype.)

Style Tile

A style tile was created to show how the user interface (UI) design will take shape while accomplishing the goals we wanted to achieve with the design. Once the style tile was completed we applied it to build the high-fidelity prototype to present to our client.

Style Tile
Style Tile Applied to Prototype

Presenting Design

We presented our high-fidelity prototype to our client and he fell in love with it! He gave us the OK to start building the website and launch when ready!

Final Design

Improved Navigation Across Platforms

We improved navigation to and from different online platforms including Menufy (for ordering), Instagram (for social media exposure and fresh content), and Google Maps (so users can get instant directions to the store).

Navigation across platforms
Seemless Instagram Integration
Menufy to order

Digitized Menu

Visitors can see what temptations await them at PJ Pies and have the option to instantly start an online order.

Original Menu Page
Redesigned Menu Page


Our design offers users a chance to see what PJ Pies offers and gets their stomachs rumbling before they even have a chance to walk in and smell the wonderful aromas that can be found when entering the storefront.

Our client was excited to launch the website and was pleased with the results during the soft launch of the website (a 15% increase in online sales within the first week of the soft launch). Their newly designed website gives our client a cohesive online presence that helps funnel customers to purchase online or in-person.

Be sure to give them a try if you're ever in town! They have some of the best savory and sweet pies out there!

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